Our solutions for various industries

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We provide our customers with added value. Whether you are looking for new concepts, functional solutions or building blocks, we can help you develop the food for tomorrow. Let’s discuss what you are looking for and how we can help each other to stand out from the crowd.

Industrial bakeries
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Industrial bakeries focus on operational efficiency, and continuously surprise their customers with new ideas and products. Our solutions are creative, and are tailored to perform in your production set-up.

Fish and seafood
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Fish processors are always looking for new ways to preserve their valuable catch. We have building blocks to maximize shelf-life and improve yield and at the same time, improving the eating experience of your customers.

The sausage industry
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Our alginate casings allow the sausage industry to increase the output of their factories, while reducing the dependency on labour. In addition, our alginate casings are a hassle-free solution in terms of availability and price.

The meat industry
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The meat and poultry industry are the most efficient industries in the world. They are able to deliver great products in a safe and cost efficient way. The increasing importance of convenience food requires flexible and continuously adapting of your products. We are looking for ways to help you to differentiate. To stay relevant with new and exciting concepts that fit in your production set-up.

Plant-based products
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Whatever their motives, consumers will shift to a more plant-based diet. We commit all our technological competences to help our customers with changing eating behaviour. We develop total concepts for meat producers that are looking to produce plant-based products in their existing facilities. We supply specific functional building blocks to customers that spend a lot of R&D resources in developing plant-based products.

Vegan Cheese
Vegan cheese puck

Lactose-free nuggets, vegan melting cheese and dairy-free cheese sauces: what was once merely a wild dream, has now become a revolutionary reality. The Dutch Food Engineers have finally cracked the most challenging of challenges: excellent tasting vegan melting cheese! With our two vegan cheese concepts, VasoCheese and VascoFill you can create everything from Gouda to Cheddar to Cordon Bleu fillings.

The petfood industry
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Vaess is your partner for creating new innovative and exciting wet & semi moist pet food. Whether it’s improving upon existing products, or developing something completely new, we have the technical expertise and knowhow to bring your product to the next level!

Are you ready for food for tomorrow?