Our solutions for plant-based products
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Whatever their motives, consumers will shift to a more plant-based diet. We commit all our technological competences to help our customers with changing eating behaviour. We develop total concepts for meat producers that are looking to produce plant-based products in their existing facilities. We supply specific tools to customers that spend a lot of R&D resources in developing plant-based products.

Meat alternatives

Although there are already plenty of soya burgers on the shelves, we believe there is still room for tasty meat alternatives. Taste is king. We make sure that our products have the right texture, mouth feel, fat perception and taste. We also take the nutritional profile into account. And we are already developing for the next trends. We prefer to develop our concepts without the use of palm or soya.

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Vegetable concepts

A typical Western European diet is high in protein but low in vegetables. We have developed a range of products in which vegetables play the leading role! These concepts contain at least 65% vegetables. We mask flavours and create the right texture, but the vegetables ensure that these concepts taste great and have a lively appearance.

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To feed the world, we will at some point have to include insects in our diet. We have been working on the development of tasty applications. We are ready to support you with application development and cool new concept ideas.

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Vegan Cheese

Vegan cheese is on the rise. It reduces an allergen in your factory, it is suitable for lactose-intolerant consumers and it meets the growing demand for plant-based products. Our vegan cheese system is the perfect solution for nuggets or other applications traditionally made with melting cheese. It is cold formable, low in salt and saturated fat and can be made without tropical oils. Most importantly, consumers will appreciate your applications as much or more than traditional melting cheese.

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Are you ready for the food of tomorrow?
Other industries

We have a long history because we always focus on the future. We are continuously looking for ways to improve food in different industries. Because of our deep understanding of your applications and production processes, we might be one of the leading food innovators.