Introducing, VascoTender,
reducing cooking time and tenderising meat
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Sous vide slow-cooked meat is a popular high-quality meat product that is known for its long cooking time. However, this lengthy cooking process consumes a significant amount of energy and reduces production capacity. To address this issue, we developed an innovative enzyme-based technology called VascoTender.


VascoTender brings all the best of the food of tomorrow together. It’s an efficient solution for reducing the cooking time of certain meat products by 50% or more without compromising the quality of the end product. Its enzyme-based technology provides tenderisation benefits that are highly valued by both retailers and consumers alike, making that it doesn’t just reduce cooking time but improves the quality of sous vide meat products.

Enhancing the overall quality of sous vide meats

And that’s exactly what one of our customers used VascoTender for. As a producer of sous vide pulled beef products, they chose not to reduce the cooking time but utilise it as a means to enhance the overall quality of their product. The response from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their enthusiasm for the improved taste and tenderness of the meat.

In fact, despite switching suppliers, one retailer specifically requested that their new supplier use VascoTender to produce the same high-quality sous vide pulled beef product. This demonstrates not only the effectiveness of VascoTender in enhancing taste and tenderness but also its value as a unique selling point in attracting customers.

Exceptionally tender and flavourful dishes

The benefits of using VascoTender go beyond just reducing cooking time. The technology’s ability to tenderise meat results in exceptionally tender and flavourful dishes adored by consumers. Furthermore, by reducing energy consumption and increasing production capacity, producers can streamline their operations and meet growing market demands more efficiently. This is yet another way to create a sector that continuously moves toward the food of tomorrow.

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Towards a sustainable future

Join us in developing food for tomorrow with VascoTender—a true game-changer in the world of sous-vide meats.