Introducing, VascoPet,
the perfect sausage for pet owners
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As we all know, pet food products are stored at room temperature to extend their shelf-life. To achieve this extended shelf-life, products must undergo a process called retorting, which involves subjecting the products to high pressure and temperature. No problem, right? Unfortunately, pet owners tend to disagree.

Clean clothes: happy customer

The retorting process has one common issue: it pushes the sausage fat to the casing. The result? Fat spraying uncontrollably the moment the consumer cuts through the casing. Not only does it ruin their clothes, but it also makes for an uncomfortable, messy experience that will make them think twice about buying the same product the next time around.

To tackle this problem, Vaess has developed a solution: VascoPet. An innovative, specialised binding product with superior emulsifying properties. The emulsifying qualities of this innovation prevent fat separation and ensure continued even distribution within the sausage. The fat stays contained within the meat when the consumer slices through the casing. No mess.

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Improved texture and appearance

Apart from its emulsifying properties, VascoPet also enhances the product’s hardness. When products are handled and placed back on store shelves after inspection, there will be no visible marks on the product, guaranteeing that each sausage looks fresh and appealing to potential buyers.

An effective solution for emulsifying stability and improving texture and appearance.


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