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Since early 2018, Agersol and Vaess have joined forces. Agersol brings innovation and specialistic knowledge on alginate, alginate casings and coextrusion. Agersol is from now on also rebranded to Vaess.

Alginate based solutions

Agersol/Vaess is probably the most innovative producer of alginate based solutions for the food industry. The alginate gels are tailored to the process and application of the customer to optimize the results and operational efficiency. A casing for a fresh poultry sausage is completely different than a casing for a fermented pork sausage.

We are passionate about alginate. It is plant based, it enables huge efficiencies in production and it is stable with regards to price and availability. Therefore we are continuously developing new casings and we are broadening the market by developing solutions for new applications like vegan, fermented and cooked sausages.

Other solutions

Besides casings we develop alginate based solutions to improve your food products:

  • Binding systems to valorise meat trimmings for the petfood industry
  • Fat systems to give a fatty taste perception in (plant-based) applications
  • Solutions to balance the cost price of your products


Why choose Alginate casings in comparison to natural (intestine) casings:

  • Innovative
  • Highly productive – enhanced stuffing performance
  • Alginate casing shows no tendency to cracking
  • Very flexible
  • Is stable in terms of caliber
  • Ensures reproducibility of the finished product
  • Safe
  • Natural vegetable raw materials
  • Does not contain any allergenic substances, GMO, nor any preservatives
  • Universal for all coextrusion systems available
  • A long-life extending even up to 12 months
  • Stable pricing
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Let's get in touch

If you are interested in developing a new product, and know what you want to achieve, then please contact us with information on the raw material(s), and the processing equipment you have available, i.e. injectors, tumblers etc. We are happy to conduct trials for you in our test kitchen or at your production facility.


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