Introducing: plant-based nuggets, crunchy and savory pleasure
with mycoprotein of Marlow Ingredients, and our Ager F03 fat system
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In a world where conscious, sustainable consumerism is rising, we are proud to stand at the forefront of innovation. Our team of Dutch food engineers, specialising in food technology constantly strive to discover and develop innovative solutions for the food of tomorrow.

Enjoy the irresistible appeal, the meat-like texture, the high protein content and the simplicity of production of our nuggets, while embracing a plant-based lifestyle.


Mycoproteins are derived from fungi (such as Fusarium venenatum if you really want to know). If you ask many, they represent just the beginning of an exciting journey towards innovative and delicious food alternatives. If you ask us, they might just be the next step toward reducing the environmental impact of food production.

Taste, texture and binding are cornerstones of food innovation at Vaess. Food shouldn’t just taste good, it should bring back memories, make your mouth water and give that authentic mouthfeel you’d expect from your favourite dish.

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Guilt-free indulgences without compromise

We’ve unlocked the full potential of mycoproteins to mimic a wide range of flavours and textures. From savoury and meaty to sweet and crunchy. The possibilities are endless with this incredible new ally. Ready to carve the path to a future where everyone can enjoy their favourite dishes and guilt-free indulgences without compromising taste or quality.

The future of food is within our grasp. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the new horizons opened up by mycoproteins.

food for tomorrow