New. Plant-based fat,
sliceable, marbling, melting.
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Are you seeking to enhance the taste, nutritional profile and sustainability of your plant-based products?

We at Vaess, Dutch food engineers, presents a groundbreaking solution: a full plant-based fat portfolio. Leveraging our expertise in plant-based solutions, we’ve pioneered sliceable, marbling, and melting fats with unrivaled advantages for manufacturers.

Why choose plant-based fat?

  1. Nutritionally responsible and sustainable: our plant-based fats offer a sustainable and nutritionally sound alternative to traditional (hard) fats, low in saturated fats prioritizing health and contributing to a more sustainable food system.
  2. Culinary excellence without compromise: our low-saturated-fat alternative ensures a guilt-free, delicious experience, perfect for applications like burgers and kebabs.
  3. Enhanced juiciness: transform your plant-based dishes with tantalizing juiciness, guaranteeing a culinary delight with every bite.
  4. Streamlined production: experience ease of use and production with our innovative fat, saving time and money while maintaining exceptional quality.
  5. Cost-effective: enjoy affordability without sacrificing the richness of your dishes, allowing you to create premium products without breaking the bank.
  6. Customizable taste: tailor your recipes to perfection with our versatile culinary companion, empowering you to create dishes that captivate the senses.
  7. Allergen-Free: meet diverse nutritional needs with a blend free from common allergens, ensuring your products can be enjoyed by consumers with various dietary requirements.
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Competitive advantage

Our nutritionally responsible and sustainable alternatives provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ready to revolutionize your plant-based offerings? Contact us today and embark on a journey of culinary innovation together.