Introducing, plant-based cheese sauce with EDCO Jalapeño peppers
Discover the perfect blend of taste and innovation
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In a joint effort, Nelson Jameson and Vaess, Dutch food engineers, work towards continuous improvement and innovation. Our shared ambition is to develop food for tomorrow, aiming for a collaboration that tastes like success. This delightful cheese sauce embodies the fruits of our partnership.

Key Benefits

Low in saturated fats : reduced intake of saturated fat is important for overall well- being

Rich flavor : enjoy the authentic taste of cheese without compromises

Creamy texture : experience the luxurious, velvety consistency that enhances every dish

Allergen-free : specially crafted to meet diverse dietary preferences and needs

Enrichment : rich in Vitamin B12 and Calcium

Lactose-free : suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance

Product suitability

Our plant-based cheese sauce is suitable for various systems, such as a retort system (see below). The significant advantage of the retort system lies in its ability to produce the product without the need for shelf life enhancing ingredients. Furthermore, our cheese sauce can be tailored to meet the specific preferences of our customers, ensuring a personalized experience. We also provide operational support. Our starting point is a functional powder to make your own vegan cheese sauce, and we are also able to provide end-to-end solutions.

Example recipe for nacho sauce produced in a retort process

Aw: ca. 0,96, moisture: ca. 70 %

Ingredients: + 61% water, + 31% Vaess VascoCheese premix, + 5% vegetable oil, + 3% EDCO green, red jalapeño

How to produce:
I     Use high shear mixing to blend the VascoCheese dry compound with the other ingredients.
II    Fill in cans
III  Retort (121ºC)

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