Introducing, petfood for tomorrow
expertise in binding, emulsification, and recipe enhancement to optimize quality, save time, and reduce costs.
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At Vaess we believe in petfood for tomorrow. Our engineering strength, dedication to innovation and close cooperation with manufacturers are central. We are not only experts in the field of process and product improvement, but we also have in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulations, so that you can confidently rely on Vaess as your partner in animal nutrition.

Why Vaess?

At Vaess we understand that the quality of animal feed is crucial. As experts in binding, emulsification and improving recipes, we mainly focus on sterilized meat and kibble snacks. Experience the power of our products VascoPet and Ager TXP. Our engineers are ready to work with you at both process and product level, with the aim of saving time and money while optimizing quality.

Alginate Applications

Vaess is the partner for smaller (startup) producers when it comes to alginate applications in animal feed.

We help you achieve profit through smart investments and shortened lead times. With our expertise we take your products to a higher level, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Our added value

+ Independence
+ Stability in production
+ Capture raw material fluctuations
+ Efficiency
+ Consistency
+ High quality
+ Speed to market

Suitable for:
+ Ready-to-eat fresh meat products
+ Shelf-stable meat and vegetable products
+ Frozen meat and vegetable products
+ Hybrid products
+ Dried products

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Choose Vaess and let your pet food excel in quality, taste and innovation.
Together we create the future of animal nutrition!