Vaess, Dutch food engineers works day in and day
out on the food for tomorrow. We do this because
we want to make the world a little better.
We believe everyone should have the right to eat
good quality nutritious food.

We're leading when it comes to alginate casing

At Vaess we really understand everything about alginate gel and sausage. Already for 76 years we work on sausage. We know everything about alginate and binding. Alginate as raw material is a profession that we master. We know how to make an alginate casing snap and to replace collagen casings with alginate casings.
We know how to replace or reduce (saturated) fat with the use of alginate.

Moreover, we know how to scale up to high-speed co-extrusion lines and how to save costs. We look at the whole process and our technical specialists at the line are committed and will remain until everything is up and running.

Our goal is to share knowledge and to create added value for you. By working and completing the process together.


Take our AgerGel alginate based casing technology for instance. We developed VascoPrime, a patented primer for plant based sausages that prevents separation of the casing from the sausage. What makes VascoPrime so unique is that it is stable during cooking without loss of structure and taste. Even a two-step cooking process is possible. VascoPrime is soy and palm oil free, lower in fat and 100% vegan.


One of our customers concluded that the casing of their sausage didn’t provide a nice bite and customer research showed that the product was not performing as well as some competitor’s products on the market. They needed a solution within just 5 days. We eagerly seized this opportunity and by working together with our client, on the binding system and creating the right alginate gel, a suitable solution was devised within the agreed upon amount of time. The improvement of the end product that met the expectations and requirements of the consumers resulted in an increase in turnover for our customer.